Amongst the minsters treasures are a clock by the same designers as Big Ben and a spectacular 5 manual organ by the renowned German organ builder Edmund Schulze (1824-1877).

Doncaster Minster Organ and Choir

    Doncaster Minster Choir

    Organist and Director of Music: Mr Darren Williams

    Choral Scholarships at Doncaster Minster

    The Minster has received grants from the Friends of Cathedral Music and the Ouseley Trust to enable it to establish an endowment fund to create choral scholarships at the Minster. The Scholarships will be available to young people over the age of 16 and auditions will take placein the summer of 2016 for prospective candidates. Contact Darren Williams on 07921 868366 or Email [email protected] to find out more if you are interested.

    Minster Community Choir

    Come and sing at Doncaster Minster in our new Lunchtime Choir. Led by the Minster Director of Music. No singing experience needed and you do not need to be a Christian. Over 16s only - £2.00 per week.
    Contact Darren Williams on 07921 868366 or Email [email protected] or just turn up at the Minster at 12.30pm on a Monday.

    Do YOU know a Boy or Girl aged 7 or above who loves to sing?

    Contact the Director of Music: Mr Darren Williams on 07921868366 or email [email protected]

    The Director of Music is always happy to talk to prospective Choristers and their parents at any time.

    There are also opportunities for Countertenors, Tenors and Basses to join the Minster Choirs please contact the Director of Music.

    The Schulze Organ

    The organ in St. George’s Doncaster is the work of Edmund Schulze of Paulinzelle in Saxony, and dates from 1862, four years after the completion of the present church building.

    The medieval church had possessed a fine organ by Harris and Byfield from 1739-40 but the organ perished in the fire of 1853.
    The firm of Schulze had exhibited an organ in the Exhibition of 1851 and this marked the beginning of a wide influence in this country. The Doncaster instrument is their largest organ, to be compared with that of St. Mary’s, Lübeck in scale.

    It has undergone several restorations. 1894 Messrs Abbot & Smith, of Leeds replaced the original blowing apparatus with a Shipley Gas Engine in a chamber 12Oft from the organ, a new console and action being provided. In 1910 Norman and Beard of Norwich added a new solo department including a tuba, and also swell strings, a Great No. 1 large scale diapason, and tubular-pneumatic action. In 1935 J. W. Walker & Sons replaced this largely with electro-pneumatic action, adding a new detached stop-key console. In 1959 some of the action was restored, and the pedal organ placed on new sound boards.

    The Schulze Organ is now back in working order and the programme of monthly organ recitals has now resumed. Check the Events page for details of all musical events.

    The Choirs

    The choir of Doncaster Minster continues an unbroken tradition of choral music in this country spanning back to mediaeval times.

    The choir normally sings on Sunday mornings at the 11am Sung Eucharist and for Choral Evensong Sunday evenings (1st & 3rd Sundays) at 4.30pm (save for half-term breaks and the summer vacation).

    There are from time to time special services and civic events at which the choir take part.

    Unlike a cathedral, the Minster has no choir school and the boys and girls are drawn from a variety of different schools across the town.

    In 2010 a new choir was formed at the Minster for Adults called Harmoniae Sacrum. This Choir consists of Adult Sopranos, Altos, Tenor and Basses. This Choir has been set up to lead services, when the regular Minster Choirs are on holiday and to lead the worship at Choral Eucharist on feast days during the week.

    Membership of this choir is for those who cannot commit to the weekly schedule of rehearsals and services of the Minster Choirs.

    If you are interested in joining any of the Minster Choirs contact the Director of Music on 07921868366 or email: [email protected]